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Alta Voce Alta Voce

Voice technology to improve communication and social relations Alta Voce brings to market high-quality real-time software technologies that shape a voice's expressivity, to improve communication and social relations. Whether the voice belongs to a person from a customer care centre, or to your vocal assistant, you need it to be intelligible and expressive. Our cutting edge voice processing solutions are driven by advanced research in cognitive neuroscience, focused on how speech and music create emotions. AI is paving the way for the voice revolution, together with its deviations, such as fake voices and identity stealing. Our ethical chart defines the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

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Greapz Greapz

[Automatic translation follows] Because we are convinced that projects arise from synergy between people and that everyone is capable of imagining an innovative product and/or concept, we support this creative approach. Our complete mastery of the 3D printing technology value chain gives us the opportunity to evolve as projects progress. GREAPZ is above all a multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts of “Do It Yourself” and new technologies. This team, made up of engineers, designers as well as photographers and video editors, puts all its know-how and skills to the benefit of 3D printing. 3D printing, Sharing 3D models, 3D modeling, 3D …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0

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Cy Mind, prioriser l'Humain dans la stratégie cyber ! Cy Mind, prioriser l'Humain dans la stratégie cyber !

[Automatic translation follows] The human side cybersecurity approach Discover Cy Mind: the unique fusion of digital security and neuroscience to serve your business. HUMAN VISION FOR CYBERSECURITY Individual-centered digital security, based on behavioral sciences and neuroscience for total protection of your teams before, during and after. Why choose Cy Mind: ➡️ Strengthen your strategy ➡️ Accelerate behavioral changes ➡️ Improve the effectiveness of your Cyber ​​campaigns ➡️ Train and support your teams ➡️ Trusted Cyber ​​service provider, recognized at European level. Join us for cognitive cybersecurity and personalized. 🛡️ #CognitiveCybersecurity #Performance

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Teratonics Teratonics

See the Invisible Teratonics offers highly automated non-destructive testing and imaging systems as well as analysis services. Our mission is to make the invisible visible and this in a very fast way: so fast that even 100% of the production can be checked in-line. The users of our products can take an automated look into every produced part to uncover internal defects and measure dimensions; an immediate reaction can be triggered to sort out bad parts or to rework them. Often the production process itself can be optimized. This avoids the fabrication of bad parts and can reduce the waste …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

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Unicorn Security Unicorn Security

Helping companies of all sizes to thrive by protecting them against cyberattacks We help companies of all sizes to thrive by protecting their information system against future cyber-attacks. We offer different formats of IT security audits in order to adapt to the complexity of the system audited and the scope of the security checks needed. Contact us and make sure that your company network, website, application or IoT product is complying with all security standards!

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity IoT

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Multidimensional Plan Automation - Empowering innovation & efficiency OFFOLIO SaaS technology automates the generation of planning data (production & projects). Innovative and different from any classic schedulingsoftware, OFFOLIO covers the end-to-end process (from automation of initial scenarios, to project data learning from execution). We get up early in the morning for one reason: providing huge scheduling capabilities to the greatest number. Any company must be able to secure its innovation and learn from its projects. Schedulling, Automation, Data, innovation, Industry, and project

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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v6Protect v6Protect

Analyze I Fix I Protect your web applications - SaaS v6Protect - Web Application Security v6Protect revolutionizes vulnerability monitoring and protection of Internet-exposed applications. Get powerful, intuitive, and automated solutions to secure your applications in a timely manner. The solution manages daily priorities: ✔️ Attack surface monitoring ✔️ Vulnerabilities management ✔️ Prioritization and vulnerabilities remediation plan ✔️ Compliance improvement ✔️ Web applications protection How it works ❓ Scoring View your Security Score daily, your vulnerabilities and simply track your risk. Easily define your priorities, get the key indicators. Alerting Stay informed daily about Zero Day vulnerabilities, receive targeted alerts of …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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C-Koya Tech C-Koya Tech

[Automatic translation follows] Partner in your digital transformation Founded in 2018, C-Koya Tech supports companies in their digital transformation to strengthen their competitiveness. Thanks to dual expertise in IT and business management, we understand the processes and specific needs of each company. We specialize in digitalizing existing processes rather than starting from scratch. By leveraging data collected by solutions already in place, such as ERP, CRM and WMS, we create a personalized interface meeting the functional needs of each client. You don’t have a data collection system? We are putting in place means to collect missing data. We value the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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high performance positioning & bio-metrics tracking solutions for industrial, healthcare, Defence & security markets. TRAAK is a French start-up specialized in geolocation and biometric tracking in constrained environments, especially where commercial solutions are lacking or do not exist. Our expertise in geolocation and communication combines jamming and decoy resistance capabilities, development of secure low-level protocols, miniaturisation and integration of biometric systems. This enables us to meet all navigation and tracking needs in constrained environments, even the most unique. Our products guarantee confidentiality and traceability thanks to our ability to differentiate them and to a fully customised design. We can ensure …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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RGPD Academy RGPD Academy

[Automatic translation follows] The GDPR and DPO training expert for over 16 years! RGPD Academy, is bathed in the 13 years of experience of Actecil, its exclusive partner, expert in bringing and maintaining compliance of both public and private structures with the rules governing the RGPD. Our values: Proximity, listening and commitment to our customers are our strong values. Our teams organize tailor-made training courses responding to sectoral challenges and the legislative and technical specificities of our clients. Our objective: To convey good practices in the protection of personal data at all levels of the company. To achieve this, we …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services edtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Logology Logology

Inspiring brand design for your startup, ready to use or to be customized. Logology is a website where you can get a logo that you love. We start with a brand discovery questionnaire to figure out your needs. Then, we automatically tailor our logos to match your results. Within 10 minutes, you get designer logo proposals to choose from. All ready to order. design, branding, brand identity, graphic design, and logo design

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Namma Namma

🇫🇷 Fabricant français d'imprimantes 3D multifonctions industrielles Namma, startup française, propose EVA-L'imprimante 3D multifonction alliant impression 3D FFF/FGF, Usinage CNC et la découpe/gravure laser. Impression 3D, CNC, Gravure laser, 3D printing, and Laser engraving

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0

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Lab’Stories Lab’Stories

The unique contact to understand the story of your products, and develop their future. Lab'Stories was found in 2019 by the association of different skills from the industry process, the Oil&Gas, the R&D. Quality, research, new technology, pleasure, team mind.... Values which Lab'Stories follows to build the company and to share the best to our customers. Lab’Stories provides services from the birth of your product until his life cycle. Our team provide: - engineering support to help customer during his product development - Intellectuals support to help you to protect your innovations - evaluation and R&D material analysis, inspection, tests …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech IT Services Technologies: New Materials

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Polynom Polynom

Tailored Data Solutions to complex business challenges. Our Mission : Discover new growth drivers and ensure their sustainability by helping companies harness the potential of their data. Our Approach : Combine a deep understanding of business specificities with Data Science and Software cutting-edge toolbox mastery. Our Team : We build multidisciplinary task forces of Business Experts, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Developers and Devops to assemble end to end solutions and ensure their sustainability. Our Toolbox : We use cloud computing elasticity, state-of-the-art Scientific Programming and modern Data Visualization to assemble tailored Data Apps. Our Data Apps deliver real-time business insights …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Yalink Yalink

[Automatic translation follows] The platform of the best industrial freelancers to bring your projects to fruition Yalink is the first freelance ecosystem in construction. We are a commercial force for freelancers by allowing them to land assignments for free. We are the trusted third party that connects the best independent experts (designers, engineers, etc.) to business needs. We support each mission from start to finish, from the formalization of skills and calls for tenders to the payment of missions, including ideal and rapid matching. Our legal models protect you against bargaining offenses and illegal labor loans. Designed with legal experts, …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech legaltech Technologies: SaaS

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Beyond the Sea Beyond the Sea

[Automatic translation follows] Make kite traction for ships of all sizes universal and essential to decarbonize navies. We are carrying out a project to tow cargo ships by automatically piloted kite. The goal is to use wind as a source of energy. By exploiting the potential of French researchers, we are building an extraordinary team of competent and motivated women and men. We are also developing strategic research partnerships with prestigious engineering schools, kite professionals, and sailors, all focused on Responsible Innovation. The field of application of kite traction will be wide: from the merchant marine to pleasure craft, including …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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CODA Systèmes CODA Systèmes

Vision Industrielle & Mesure 3D : Prestation | Formation | Développement Your supplier of turney vision and measurement solutions Vision industrielle, Mesure dimensionnelle, Formation, and Industrie 4.0

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing

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Starlett France Starlett France

[Automatic translation follows] The 100% electric dolce vita Starlett is a new rental and delivery service for electric scooters with a retro look. Starlett advocates "slow travel" and sustainable tourism, to help you (re)discover the most beautiful regions of France in a spirit of freedom and respect for the environment.

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Technologies: Decarbonization

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KHiMii KHiMii

Your Partner in Flow Chemistry KHiMii develops innovative solutions for Flow Chemistry by combining the complementary know-how of KHIMOD in metallurgy of the future and of M2i in industrial and chemical process engineering. KHiMii technology has been initially developed for the nuclear industry. Main features of KHiMii flow reactors: • Monobloc metal reactors (stainless steel, Hastelloy, tantalum...) • Double network of reactive (up to 750) and thermic regulation (up to 3,000) channels • Line of 5 reactors, with an identical design and with production capacities from 1 kg/hour to 500 kg/hour • Outstanding resistance to pressure (up to 200 Bar) …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech manufacturing

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YesWeCool YesWeCool

[Automatic translation follows] Avoiding the impacts of stress and anxiety on health, life and work is possible. Chronic stress and anxiety prevention mobile application. ✅ Prevent the risk of diseases ❤️ Improve team functioning 🫶 Also equip people at risk 🏋️ For more health autonomy Lifebay is an impactful, full digital and full CSR company, specializing in the prevention of stress in its somatic, mental and behavioral aspects. With our YesWeCool application, we position ourselves as an actor of change in our society, by raising awareness of autonomy for sustainable health and to advance prevention. 🇪🇺 Member of the European …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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SquareMiles En SquareMiles En

SquareMiles, AI solution to decarbonize Urban Logistics Our solutions have been made to shift Logistics toward Carbon-Free emission from a simple Prompt. They both are Multimodal and vehicle agnostic. SquareMiles Studio, the first tool made to design, compare, mesure, test all logistical scenarios and accelerate innovation processes. Test your idea, evaluate your current process, play, replay scenario and mesure it. SquareMiles API, all SquareMiles Studio in your TMS/DMS for Daily support and deliveries.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: A.I.

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Urbidesk Urbidesk

[Automatic translation follows] Flex office space as a service. Urbidesk brings together supply and demand in flex-office for teleworking. URBIDESK, is a startup in the Proptech sector which operates in the world of coworking or flex office. Urbidesk is a platform and application allowing you to find geolocated flexible offices and workspaces (closed offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, atypical spaces). From small businesses to large groups wanting to optimize their m2 and generate income, to coworkers and teleworking employees, Urbidesk facilitates their connection. Urbidesk also has a coworking space management software solution allowing companies to create and manage their spaces.

Type: Startup Activities: proptech Technologies: SaaS

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Ublo is the automation platform for rental management designed for real estate professionals. The real estate management platform tailored for professionals in the real estate sector. Contact us 🏠 Website:

Type: Startup Activities: proptech Technologies: SaaS

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Opteamis Opteamis

[Automatic translation follows] We connect the best IT and digital profiles with the companies that are developing the future. Opteamis is the leading purchasing platform specializing in intellectual services across all IT and digital service professions. It is aimed at companies wishing to quickly find and at the right price the best available service providers to entrust them with technical assistance missions ranging from consulting to development, maintenance, digital marketing, etc. • A pioneer since 2005 in the implementation of new intermediation models thanks to digital platforms, more than a hundred clients (EDF, Axa, AG2R, Mutex, Altares, Groupe Barrière, etc.) …

Tags: FrenchTech120 Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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SmartChain SmartChain

Innovation & Performance At Smart-Chain, we transform organizations using Blockchain technology. By being an excellent performance lever, this new technology offers innovative solutions adapted to today's and tomorrow's challenges. If our aim is to democratize its use, it is because we believe in its potential to create new economic and governance models that are fairer, more virtuous and more transparent. As pioneers in the French ecosystem, we are driven by the desire to support you in your digital transformation with concrete actions and a groundbreaking vision. Smart-Chain deploys solutions adapted to your stakes to offer you the best of this …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency IoT

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[Automatic translation follows] Revolutionizes knowledge management in business with video IOGA takes knowledge management to another level, thanks to the game-changing video format of collection, enrichment and dissemination. Capture: Everyone must be able to participate, extend the collection of information to all of your employees and beyond. Enrich Transform the information collected into organized, accessible and high value-added knowledge. Broadcast Knowledge is an asset that gains its full value when it is disseminated. Knowledge transfer, Knowledge transfer, Video, saas, and experience

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Viktory Software Viktory Software

[Automatic translation follows] Agility & Performance Viktory is a French software publishing company. • Our mission: develop management applications for SMEs | PMI | ETI | MGE • Our values: Agility & Performance. • Our applications: | The Collaborative CRM solution HR Budget | The budget management solution for Sage Payroll Point of Sale | Intuitive POS software for retail businesses Software, CRM, HR, Cash register software, Digitalization of customer relations, Business management, and Software publishing

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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EITA Consulting EITA Consulting

[Automatic translation follows] Digitalization, Transformation, Innovation Founded in 2017, EITA Consulting now has more than 50 employees specialized in the implementation of digital transformation projects. We cover areas such as Data/BI, Data Science, Salesforce, Test Automation, Infrastructure/Cyber ​​Security and various programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C#, PHP, TypeScript. We focus on moving to the cloud, native applications, and optimizing time to market. As a partner of leading names in media, industry, energy and financial institutions, our goal is to maintain a balance between the agility of a start-up and the industrial methods of large companies for the delivery. Our …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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3DLyfe 3DLyfe

[Automatic translation follows] Scan life in 3D! 3DLyfe is a company specializing in the rental of 3D scanners with or without an operator, BIM modeling, 3D project management and consulting. 3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D printing, Training, Consulting, 3D scanner scanning, 3D scanner rental, and 3D project management

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Wassati Wassati

Consumers' Values Research Advisor for tooling the new marketing for engaged companies Marketing research, Consumers' values research, Customer experience, Employee experience, Data analysis, and Dashboard creation

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Purplemet - Web Applications Attack Surface Management & Security Monitoring Purplemet - Web Applications Attack Surface Management & Security Monitoring

Follow your web application security exposure over time. Focus on key weaknesses and cybersecurity metrics. Purplemet is One-of-a-kind Web Application Security Monitoring SaaS solution focused on what hackers may see and exploit. It’s complementary to scanners enabling cyber hygiene on a URL portfolio while providing an additional list of vulnerabilities and technologies that makes Purplemet the fastest, most cost-effective, and the non-intrusive benchmark solution for web app security. Use Cases: • Closes gap on uncovered Web Applications that are out of scope for Web App vulnerabilty scans • Covers “blind period” on infrequently scanned web apps • Allows customers without …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] French equipment manufacturer for Non-destructive Testing, Industrial Magnetism CMPhy is a French company specialized in Physical Measurements and Characterization of materials & finished products for industry. Our skills in the fields of electromagnetism and ultrasonic methods allow us to meet complex needs in the areas of: - Non-Destructive Analysis and Testing of materials (AND & CND), - Characterization of electrical, magnetic and structural properties of materials, - Industrial issues linked to magnetism Discover our services: Discover our products: Equipment Non-Destructive Testing NDT, Physical measurements, Magnetoscopy, Penetrant testing, Ultrasound, Eddy currents, Magnetic measurements, Demagnetization, Magnetization, Monitoring …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: New Materials

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Waste heat recovery technologies for industry ANANKÉ is made from both the industrial background and the R&D culture of its four cofounders. Ask us about our goal and the answer will be quite clear: speeding up energy transition through both the spread and integration of waste heat recovery technologies dedicated to many sectors such as chemistry, glass, cogeneration, energy efficiency, energy mix, fatal heat, industry, electricity & heat, and energy transition

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech manufacturing

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Akanthas Akanthas

Transforming Waste Management for a Sustainable Tomorrow At Akanthas, we are transforming waste management through innovative and technological solutions. We provide advanced waste characterization solutions, optimize waste collection processes, and trace waste flows. With our expertise in artificial intelligence, optical sensors, and data analysis, we offer our clients increased visibility and control over their waste management operations. Visit us at: ----------- Chez Akanthas, nous transformons la gestion des déchets grâce à des solutions innovantes et technologiques. Nous fournissons des solutions avancées de caractérisation des déchets, d'optimisation des processus de collecte et de traçabilité des flux de déchets. Grâce à …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: A.I.

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Amber Energy Amber Energy

Supplier of advanced process technologies in the fields of battery materials and chemical energy storage. Amber Energy is a leading supplier of advanced process technologies in the fields of battery materials and chemical energy storage. engineering, precursors, CAM, cathode materials, ESM, energy storage, and technologies

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

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[Automatic translation follows] A specialist in digital risks, Protected designs solutions to guarantee the digital security of individuals. In a hyper-connected world, we spend on average 5 hours a day in front of our screens. Our digital life is a reality that transforms our daily lives. The Internet is a source of freedom and opportunities... And yet! In 2019, 360,000 new viruses every day and 500,000 new cases of harassment in France alone. Not to mention the numerous phishing attempts, exposure to shocking content... GAFAM and other digital giants feed on our personal data and have no legitimacy to protect …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Pragma Security Pragma Security

[Automatic translation follows] Your managed cybersecurity partner in France French specialist in managed cybersecurity, Pragma Security offers flexible and scalable cloud protection to media, websites, e-commerce and other web applications. With a network of more than 1Tbit/s, Pragma Security adapts to different needs from 1Gbit/s. DDoS, Peering, BGP routing, Cybersecurity, Cyber ​​Security, DNS Protection, WAF, Web Application Firewall, and Web Firewall

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services e-commerce Technologies: Cybersecurity

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JellyBot  JellyBot

[Automatic translation follows] The chatbot that connects you. The chatbot that connects you. Discover JellyBot, the chatbot fully connected to your business. Thanks to its multiple connectors, JellyBot provides useful information to your customers and employees, by querying your applications (ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.), your FAQs, your document bases and your databases. Whether it's engaging in dialogue with your customers or meeting the needs of your employees, JellyBot is there! To find out more or to contact us ⤵️ ⤵️ ⤵️

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. - Natural Language Processing

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Goaland Goaland

Product Information Management (PIM) solution Goaland has published a comprehensive, powerful, and fully configurable PIM (Product Information Management) solution that adapts to your business (and not the other way around). Goaland PIM optimizes your product information to create optimum and compelling shopping experiences across all selling channels: eCommerce, mobile, print, point of sale... Goaland PIM is the guarantee of full control over your comparative analysis and your Product Experience Management (PXM). To find out more, check out Product Information Management, Digital Print, Web to print, PIM, e-Catalogues, e-Commerce, Catalogues, Workflow, Marketing, Brand Management, Workflow intégré, and Données produit

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Alfred Meeting Alfred Meeting

[Automatic translation follows] Facilitates the reservation of locations for corporate events: seminars, evenings, team building Alfred Meeting is a venue finder that simplifies booking venues for seminars, team-building, parties and meetings. Our innovative offer combines strong digitalization of all time-consuming tasks while maintaining personalized human support for all requests. This allows us to offer prices as if you were going directly with the places with total price transparency and zero hidden costs. Our business offer for buyers brings together a whole range of services allowing purchasing departments to: > Easily master the MICE spending center > To offer an innovative …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech

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[Automatic translation follows] Construction engineers & BIM experts | ✨ BIM INFLUENCER 2020 ✨ 🚀1st Treasure Hunt in the Model 🎯 Former construction engineers, having spent 10 years on construction sites, we observed the difficulty for those involved in a construction project to benefit from BIM, and exploit the data for their own use. We therefore created DEFIBIM with the ambition of putting BIM at the service of the construction project, and thus allowing as many people as possible to benefit from it - regardless of their skills, tools, and ease of understanding. We are therefore: #1. Construction and field …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech Smart City Technologies: SaaS

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Clickncom-Gamification-Jeu Marketing Clickncom-Gamification-Jeu Marketing

[Automatic translation follows] Stimulate Influence Engage Harvest Gamification is not just about competitions, it is a versatile marketing tool that offers various possibilities for exploitation: - Attractiveness, notoriety and brand image - Animation, pedagogy and commitment - Customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty, - Generate traffic online or at points of sale. - Profiling and customer knowledge - Data qualification (leads and opt-in). - Wall of expression: Google reviews, survey, satisfaction survey - Employment / training: recruitment without CV, survey In a saturated landscape, where attracting consumers' attention is a daily challenge, attraction and interaction are now inseparable. Brands compete to …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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United 3d Makers United 3d Makers

[Automatic translation follows] 3D PRINTING & 3D MODELING The time has come to design and manufacture things differently, now 3D printing is within everyone's reach. You have a file or an idea and you want to create your 3d projects. The platform is here to make your life easier. For you, has brought together professional 3D printers and 3D designers at your service, to transform your virtual ideas into real objects. united-3dmakers, localizes your searches, secures your transactions and saves you time and money. Give momentum to your 3d projects! 3d printing, 3d modeling, 3d project realization, digital …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: SaaS

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Sherpa Mobile Robotics (SMR) Sherpa Mobile Robotics (SMR)

Your move to smart mobility SHERPA: a range of mobile, collaborative, intuitive and versatile robots. The safest, easiest and quickest way to reduce pain, automate your transfers, streamline flows and increase productivity. Robotique, Automatisation, and Expert des flux

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Robotics

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Deepfish Deepfish

[Automatic translation follows] Deepfish is the recruitment platform for support functions in ESN. To find out more => Deepfish is the selective recruitment platform for ESN support functions (sales + recruitment), allowing you to receive direct offers from 120+ ESNs. The benefits for the candidate: • Save time in your job search with only offers on your terms (salary, workplace, etc.) and complete content (objective, missions, etc.) • A direct relationship with the recruiting company • Guaranteed confidentiality • It's free :-) The benefits for ESNs: • A specialized platform for ESN support profiles • Quick access to …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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Evollis Evollis

Les plus grandes enseignes font confiance à Evollis pour construire leur programme de location et de trade-in ! Evollis is the european leader of leasing offers for BtoC customers. Thanks to a unique platform and a broad network of partners, Evollis provides a full package to handle leasing offers and deliver a great Customer experience. Leasing is one of the answers to the trend of usage economy, with a responsible way to distribute equipment goods, and one of the best loyalty tool for brands and retailers. Hi-tech products, home appliances, electric bikes, music instruments...Evollis has a large experience in creating …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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Medinbox Medinbox

Since 2010, Medinbox has been helping HCP improve patient care by connecting them for live collaboration and education POWERING HEALTHCARE OUTSIDE THE BOX Medical Education, Remote Proctoring & support Our mission We believe that technology can empower clinicians to improve patient care and add value to Health Service. We developed a secure, smart, integrated video collaboration system for operating-rooms and labs, facilitating live medical education, remote proctoring and support. Since 2010, Medinbox has been the first global provider to transform operating room ORs or labs worldwide into a borderless ecosystem. Distance is no longer a barrier to collaboration for Clinicians, …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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mprez® mprez®

[Automatic translation follows] Full-service Powerpoint agency based in Paris and Lisbon. The creative agency that will change your mind about PPT! mrez® the full-service PowerPoint agency! A design and creative consulting agency in the field of business presentation. We create clear, original and effective PowerPoint presentations that save you time. At mprez, we transform your ideas or raw slides into impactful PowerPoint presentations. 🚀 The creative agency that will change your mind about PowerPoint. Design & business presentation animations (Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides)

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Planilog Planilog

Constraints-based advanced planning and scheduling app Planilog is a collaborative app for constraint-based advanced planning and scheduling that optimizes your production and maintenance workflows in réal time. Whether you’re looking to apply management rules, manage resources and constraints or create optimization scenarios, Planilog features give you a single and centralized view of your activities. Thousands of users improve their production and maintenance process thanks to Planilog. Production Planning Looking at which orders to schedule on which machine ? how to sequence tasks ? or how long they will take ? Our fully integrated planning and scheduling solution manages your planning …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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F3DF Industrie F3DF Industrie

[Automatic translation follows] Your Autodesk partner F3DF, 3D solutions integrator Prototyping or machining, Additive Manufacturing or Generative Design, we support you at all stages of your 3D development. Contact us so that we can build your 3D structuring plan together, from training to integration. 3D, modeling, training, design, modeling, Autodesk, 3D software, 3D Scan, Retrodesign, Fusion 360, Inventor, Volumic 3D Distributor, Formlabs Distributor, Integrator, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, CAD, professional training, and software certification

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: 3D Printing SaaS

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Udicat Udicat

Udicat supports you to make the most of your data and to become a "Data Driven" company. Udicat is a French Startup, expert in Business Intelligence and data processing, specialized in Microsoft technologies. Udicat provides Business Intelligence solutions to quickly benefit from the use of data. Indeed, with our turnkey solutions adapted to Big Data, you can directly carry out your AI projects or quite simply, benefit from the library of dashboards, reports and KPIs ready to use and corresponding to each business profession of a company. In addition to designing and offering the Bineo solution, we can support you …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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Hubup Hubup

Develop Proximity Created in 2016 to accompany passenger transport operators and public agencies to a more digital and connected ecosystem. Mixing innovative technology and promixity relationship we help our customers and partners offer Mobility as a Service solutions. Starting from France, Hubup just opened its canadian subsidiary and is starting to work in UK, Belgium, Switzerland and other continents ! From line training to real-time passenger information, we help every transport actors in their everyday operations. Développement web, Base de données, Cloud, Transport public, and Application

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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WinMinute WinMinute

[Automatic translation follows] WinMinute: communities serving brand performance! WinMinute: communities serving brand performance! - With WinMinuteConso, WinMinute has been the French crowdsourcing expert since 2013: a community of tens of thousands of consumers for efficient and reliable store checks, mystery visits and consumer/shopper studies! - Since 2019, WinMinutePro has applied the concept of crowdsourcing (coverage, speed, reliability) to the management of a community of commercial self-entrepreneurs, selected, trained and equipped with a dedicated application. With crowdselling, brands can finally act in a fundamental circuit, proximity. WinMinute, based in Levallois, has more than 120 clients, mainly major FMCG, toy, pharmacy and …

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Evora Biosciences Evora Biosciences

First-in-class anti-inflammatory cell penetrating peptides. Evora Biosciences is a preclinical biotech, developing novel anti-inflammatory cell penetrating peptides with the aim to bring first-in-class treatments to patients. immunodermatology, peptides, and inflammatory diseases

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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PrePeers PrePeers

[Automatic translation follows] Help young people find their future school. Help schools fill their student cohorts. ☝🏼 The offer of higher education training has never been so abundant. Never has the need for clarification been so necessary. 👉🏼PrePeers is the essential link between young people who are orienting themselves and higher education schools. ⭐️ PrePeers helps young people who are lost in their direction to navigate the ocean of training choices available to them and to make crucial decisions for their future: finding the ideal school. 🏫 PrePeers also allows more than 400 educational institutions to fill their student cohorts …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech

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Nutriearth Nutriearth

[Automatic translation follows] Nutriearth develops functional & eco-responsible for animal and human health. Nutriearth is a start-up, founded in 2017 Nutriearth is developing a range of food flours from a sustainable and very nutritious resource, edible insects. Nutriearth's mission is to work on three major issues facing our society: - Nutrition/health for better aging. - Environmental protection with production that emits little CO2, very low water consumption and the use of waste plant inputs. - The Economy by creating jobs in a growing and innovative sector, and by offering a new source of healthy food available to everyone. Entomophagy, Nutrition, …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech manufacturing Technologies: Decarbonization

11 2 10 14
datacadabra datacadabra

[Automatic translation follows] The Data Science solution that boosts your commercial performance! datacadabra is a Data Science solution in SaaS mode that supports you throughout the entire chain of customer data exploitation. Our various modules will allow you to simplify data preparation, meet the majority of your marketing needs through packaged algorithms and finally facilitate activation by creating targets based on the models created. The solution is oriented around marketing and CRM subjects and benefits from ergonomics which makes it very easy to use, even without knowledge of Data Science. datacadabra helps companies develop their commercial performance through simplified use …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

4 0 4 13
Tactical Adventures Tactical Adventures

Created in Paris in July 2018, Tactical Adventures is a game development & publishing studio, focused on Tactical RPGs. video game

Type: Startup Activities: Games

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The soil is the limit ! Gaining ground: the perfect so(i)lution ! Novag takes farmers into the future: we design and manufacture modern no-tillage seed drills which ensure greater yields, reduced costs and prevent soil damage. We pursuit improvement in all areas, be it innovative technologies or the development of environmental, economical and social excellence. The result is machinery which is unique in terms of quality, reliability and value retention, and which pays off in the long term – both for the people that operate it and for the environment around it.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech manufacturing

1 1 0 14
Episto Episto

Get quick and authentic anwers to all of your questions! 👋 Episto is an innovative Market research solution We have developed an iconic technology 💡 allowing to collect authentic opinions 🗣️ from all types of audiences 🎯even the toughest ones, in a jiffy 🕘 and everywhere in the world 🌍 How? By targeting respondents 👥 via social media ads 📱and offering them to share their opinion on a conversational questionnaire 💬 Episto is headquartered in Paris études de marché, marketing, consultation, sondage, concertation, études marketing, insights, data, ia, questionnaires, survey, études consommateurs, data visualisation, enquêtes, études quantitatives, intelligence artificielle, chatgpt, …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

11 3 10 32

[Automatic translation follows] The energy of a world that moves Kleuster, manufacturer of mobility solutions, designs and distributes Freegônes, an electrically assisted utility cargo bike, developed in France for a wide range of professionals. With its compact dimensions and maneuverability, Freegônes facilitates access to the city. Roads, cycle paths, pedestrian streets, riverside lanes, bus and taxi lanes, nothing can resist it. Its performance and characteristics give it a record autonomy of one day, i.e. 80 km. By its design, Freegônes allows the operator not to feel the load or the slope (up to 18% positive height difference), even fully loaded. …

Type: Startup Activities: delivery transporttech manufacturing Technologies: Decarbonization

4 1 1 11
La bouche rouge, Paris La bouche rouge, Paris

Beauty for you and the planet. Refillable and Responsible. Since launching in 2017, La bouche rouge has been defining a new standard in pure, sustainable beauty as the French Clean Beauty Pioneer. Concerned that the Cosmetics industry is the third largest environmental polluter, and that 83% of the World's water is polluted with microplastics, La bouche rouge has decided to avoid the use of plastic from the product itself, to the formula and production processes. Starting with the lipstick as its icon, the Paris-based makeup Maison has set out to unite French traditional craftsmanship, and eco-responsibility. In 2020 the Maison …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech cosmetics manufacturing Technologies: Decarbonization

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AI Verse AI Verse

On-demand synthetic datasets Since our founding in 2020, AI Verse has been committed to democratizing AI, making it accessible to all. Our mission is to address the critical challenges surrounding accessibility, quality, privacy, accuracy, and labeling of images for training computer vision models. At AI Verse, we empower users to overcome these challenges by providing cutting-edge technology. Our platform enables the creation of high-quality annotated synthetic image datasets, crucial for training robust AI models. We cater to the diverse needs of computer vision engineers across various industries. Central to AI Verse's innovation is our unique approach. We empower users to …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Generative A.I.

2 1 0 16

Technical apparel developed to unlock the High. With a multidisciplinary expertise in design, music and technology, Satisfy is altering the perception of running. The solo long run is a transformative experience. It’s on this daily odyssey that a runner experiences another level of consciousness – a heightened state that allows for intense reflection, connection and creativity. We call this moment The High and it informs everything we do. We make products that remove distractions and inspire. All garments are designed and prototyped in our Paris Creative Studio and constructed from fabrics developed in-house or from trusted suppliers. Our obsession with …

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech

1 0 1 30
Open Stent Solution Open Stent Solution

TMVR new generation Next Generation Transcatheter Valve Replacement Solution

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech IT Services

8 2 4 11
Coucoo Cabanes Coucoo Cabanes

[Automatic translation follows] 5 cabin areas in France 🌱: Responsible tourism | Local products | Nature & disconnection | Well-being stays. 5 cabin areas in France: Responsible tourism | Local products | Nature & disconnection | Well-being stay📍Franche-Comté, Hauts de France, Provence 👉 On the program: unforgettable night in comfortable cabins, discovery of local products in breakfast and dinner baskets, moments of well-being in the heated Nordic bath or with massages, walks in nature and unforgettable adventure with loved ones. Our areas: 🌳 Cabanes des Grands Chênes, 25 cabins perched in the trees located in the Oise, on the Château …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech

8 1 8 30
Orphalan Orphalan

At Orphalan we strive to develop rare disease treatments to improve patients lives. Transforming Rare Disease Treatment At Orphalan we identify, develop, and provide access to innovative treatments for patients with rare diseases to make a positive and meaningful difference.

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech

3 2 2 107

Advancing Patient PathwaysTM RDS is a French Start-Up / MedTech based in Strasbourg, France. We leverage best-in-class biosensor technologies, combined with the latest developments in digital and predictive medicine, and bring to life the next generation of Patient Monitoring Solutions. Our main product, MultiSense®, offers healthcare professionals a high-precision, multi-parametric solution to continuously monitor patients’ physiological parameters in the hospital and beyond. MultiSense® combines a wearable patient monitor designed to capture high-accuracy physiological data with a cloud platform that helps transform these data into actionable clinical insights. MultiSense® is a patented medical device that has received multiple awards. RDS relies …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech deeptech Technologies: SaaS

36 6 23 34
Sun'R Sun'R

[Automatic translation follows] Let's renew our energies The Sun’R group has set itself the mission of developing and implementing intelligent infrastructures and solutions, responding to the climate and ecological emergency, and enabling the acceleration of transitions towards a sustainable world powered by renewable energies. 360° player in renewable energies 👉Solar and hydroelectricity production with Sun 'R 👉Develop solutions for crop adaptation to climate change, in particular dynamic agrivoltaism, of which Sun'Agri is the pioneer and leader. 👉Provide renewable electricity in short circuits and connect producers and consumers, with Volterres photovoltaic, solar, electricity supply, energy transition, ecological transition, renewable energies, green …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies Decarbonization

10 3 2 121
Egle Therapeutics Egle Therapeutics

Modulating T-regulatory cells to balance immunity Egle Therapeutics has been founded with a vision to become a game changer in the field of immunomodulating T-regulatory cells (Tregs) through the unique concept of Tregs’ starving while specifically targeting the most immunosuppressive ones.

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

1 1 0 33
Step Pharma Step Pharma

Developing selective inhibitors of CTPS1 for patients with cancer and auto-immune diseases Step Pharma is the world leader in the discovery and development of inhibitors of CTPS1 (cytidine triphosphate synthase 1) for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Step Pharma’s lead program STP938 is a potent, selective, oral inhibitor of CTPS1 with demonstrated potent anti-tumor activity in models of leukemia and lymphoma. STP938 will enter clinical development in 2022 for the treatment of relapsed and refractory T-cell and B-cell lymphoma.

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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[Automatic translation follows] Thanks to a geometry-oriented solution, Treegram industrializes BIM and design to build better The Treegram platform provides: 🥇 tools for BIM teams to control, manipulate, automate and exchange the data contained in the models 🥈 a process, for the BIM Promoter teams, to better manage, buy better and build housing better The Treegram team, made up of architects, engineers and developers, has concentrated its know-how between digital, construction and industry, within its platform, the fruit of 15 years of BIM and large projects. In detail, 🥇 BIM TOOLS 🌳🏗️ BIM -> Construction 🏗️🌳 So that the BIM …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech Technologies: SaaS

1 0 1 10
6freedom 6freedom

[Automatic translation follows] Innovative Interactive Experience Makers 👉 Why do I come to 6freedom? I have Augmented Reality, Virtual, or Mixed Reality, Generative Artificial Intelligence or 3D Serious Game projects, but... 1️⃣ It’s Chinese... 2️⃣ It's my daily life but I don't have time, the team... No problem, we're here for you. Welcome ! 🙌 👉what is 6freedom? 6freedom is the agency specializing in immersive technologies and generative AI. For 5 years, we have supported more than 80 clients (Lacoste, L’Armée, Total Energie, Octapharma, Renault, etc.) to create innovative immersive experiences. Thanks to our 360° expertise and a methodology combining …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech IT Services Technologies: VR A.I. Generative A.I.

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Dillygence Dillygence

Manufacturing intelligence Do better, with less. Dillygence’s mission is to accelerate industrial time-to-market at lowest costs. Having experts in the optimization of industrial flows, layouts and processes and in data science among others, Dillygence supports manufacturers throughout the entire life cycle of the factory: - designing an optimized (new) production tool, - accelerating the ramp-up, - optimizing production costs and capacities, - launching a new product line, - plant modernisation - etc. Having developed its own digital twin system, Dillygence quickly and very concretely guides its clients towards their agile and optimized production objectives. Industry 4.0, AI, Advanced Analytics, Data …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

9 1 9 12
Datama Datama

From the what to the why. Identify your next big win right now Spot the problem on the spot. Check out Stop spending hours looking at your multiple dashboards to understand the drivers of performance. Start focusing on how to make it right with our clear, fast, and quantified answers. No need to be an analytical superstar to unleash the power of data. Our takeaways are indisputable: have full confidence in your performance analytics. A team member is unavailable? Datama always has your back, any time, any place...Just like all great mates! >> Understand what's driving your performance variations …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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We're on a mission to make sustainable furniture: well-designed, well-made and built-to-last 🌱 TIPTOE is a modern furniture brand founded in Paris. We're on a mission to offer a creative and affordable experience for interiors to be more personal, more beautiful and longer lasting. Our products are designed in Paris, 100% responsibly made in Europe and shipped worldwide through our website and rapidly growing network of premium shops. Over the past few years, we have been working with a increasing number of architects, interior designers and brands across Europe (+800 projects including with Hermès, Facebook, Le Centre Pompidou or Le …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce Technologies: Decarbonization

1 1 0 57
MisterBilingue MisterBilingue

🚀Join the community of the best multilingual talent and find the ideal job for you on the leading recruitment site 🎯 ✨The #1 job site for multilingual profiles✨ 🇬🇧 Every day more and more companies are developing internationally, so skilled multilingual profiles are in high demand. Do you have what these companies are looking for? Are you on the hunt for a job that speaks your language? You’ve come to the right place! Join the community of the best multilingual talent and find the ideal job for you on the leading recruitment site for bilingual and multilingual profiles! What we …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech

1 0 1 11
Evina Evina

The most advanced cybersecurity solutions for mobile payments Evina offers the most advanced AI-powered cybersecurity technology for carrier billing. Evina’s solutions reduce complaint rates and increase revenue for mobile operators, payment aggregators and digital merchants by effectively preventing fraud on carrier billing transactions. The Evina DCB 360 solution suite boosts turnover by dealing with fraud in the right way across more than 80 countries and involving more than 30 million transactions daily. Evina combines unique technical expertise, neutrality and knowledge of specific sectoral issues to be your most valuable cybersecurity ally. Today, Evina boasts over 17 nationalities and has offices …

Type: Startup Activities: telecommunications Technologies: Cybersecurity

6 1 5 65
KiMiBiZ, the colored social network! KiMiBiZ, the colored social network!

The Nr1 B2B directory of the color industries (coatings, plastics, construction, paper, cosmetics, food, feed, pharma) Kimibiz is the first social network for the color industry. It offers an online directory of 5000 international companies, 10500 products from 80 different countries and has a powerful search engine in English, French and Chinese. Try the easy to use “Smart Search” functionality and the daily news updates via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Type: Startup Activities: Media Technologies: IoT

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[Automatic translation follows] A pioneer, Nutrifizz is a scientific and technical design office placing health nutrition at the heart of the research and innovation projects of players in the food chain. Created by two doctors in nutrition, Céline GRYSON and Emilie CHANSEAUME, Nutrifizz is committed to providing depth through science, to engage in future themes in the field of innovation by surrounding itself with the best partners. Our leitmotif: Co-construct the resolution of the science, regulation, market equation! Beyond their transversal knowledge, our project managers have specific scientific expertise linked to the future challenges of nutrition such as plant fermentation, …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

10 5 8 7
BackLight BackLight

Virtual is the New Real Creators of Emotions since 2008, we craft detailed stories to transform virtual reality into your reality. We are fuelled by Passion & creative ideas, and we will co-create your story with you. Experience with building 50+ Virtual experiences, we can accommodate all your needs such as brand development, training or unparalleled immersive experiences. We also create our own content for the Future of your industry: for the Future of advertising, the Future of architecture, the Future of cinema, the Future of Netflix, the Future of banking services, the Future of the entertainment and the gaming …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment Technologies: VR

9 4 4 43
Smile&Pay Smile&Pay

[Automatic translation follows] The French bank card collection solution, accessible to everyone! 💛🙂 ACPR Payment Establishment, GIE CB The mission of Smile&Pay is to support professionals, merchants and associations in the launch and development of their activity. Created in Paris in October 2015, it is the French bank card collection solution, accessible to all. All our payment terminals comply with the strictest French security standards (PCI-PTS standards, TPE GIE-CB approval). Transactions are secure and the professional protected. In 4 years of existence, Smile&Pay has exceeded the mark of 200 million euros in flows processed, including 100 million in 2019. A …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: NFC Wireless

10 0 8 60
fitmyrun fitmyrun

[Automatic translation follows] Your online running advisor. We recommend the equipment suited to your practice. With the running “trend” of recent years, choosing your equipment from thousands of technical products has become incredibly complex. Correlated to this, the number of runners increases every day, and with them the number of injuries linked to poor equipment. Have you finally found the right equipment? But not the rare pearl! Now it's possible thanks to the free fitmyrun service, we offer you a selection of run products adapted to your personal profile, thanks to a powerful matching algorithm based on your technical, medical …

Type: Startup Activities: consumer services

3 3 0 1
Homerez Homerez

We are Hiring 🏠🚀 Send your resume : ! Homerez missions: To provide great rentals and an easy booking service to travellers To provide expert property management to owners About us: Homerez is a centralised service for the safe and simple booking of holiday rental properties. Based in Paris, France, we manage holiday rentals across the globe: We're a multilingual team of travel industry professionals with experience from holiday heavyweights like, Expedia and HomeAway - and we know what works when it comes to getting your chalet, beachside villa or urban apartment noticed. We take care of every …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech proptech

3 1 2 26

International online auction tailor made service dedicated to fine and rare wines and spirits Established in 2013, Cavacave connect amateurs and connoisseurs from more than 20 countries and facilitate fine and rare wines transactions in a profesional, secured and friendly environment. vin, acheter du vin, vendre son vin, Achats et ventes de particulier à particulier, auction, luxury, wine and spirit, wine trading, and sell your wine

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech manufacturing

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Glowbl Glowbl

Glowbl is a collaborative platform for hybrid work. Glowbl is a collaborative platform for hybrid work enabling project simplification, collective intelligence and agile management in a user-friendly environment. realtime collaboration, realtime communication, video conferencing, group communication, online meeting, webinar, training, virtual classrooms, virtual branch, learning, digital learning, agile management, collaboration, outil collaboratif, espaces collaboratifs, travail hybride, and hybrid work

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

7 2 5 22
SchoolMouv SchoolMouv

[Automatic translation follows] With SchoolMouv, lessons from primary to high school become exciting! SchoolMouv is the first 100% online school support solution integrating video. We therefore offer multiple supports: video courses, course and review sheets, quizzes, exercises, methodology, etc. We work so that each student from 6th to 12th grade can work in the best conditions and achieve their own goals. We want to offer a solution adapted to students and their tastes, to make them autonomous and drivers of their academic success. Today, a million students have access to a whole range of tools to understand, learn, revise and …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech

9 4 2 50
MAbSilico MAbSilico

The only TechBio providing computationally designed antibodies through AI with biological validations associated MAbSilico is a TechBio company developing and providing AI-based solutions for antibody drug design and discovery. We help biotech and pharma companies to leverage antibody discovery risks by providing computational candidates in days which are designed and characterized in silico and validated with state-of-the-art biological technologies. While MAbSilico combines 3D modeling, interaction simulation and linear sequences analysis, the antibody drug candidates are defined through their epitope, affinity, off-target risk, cross-species reactivity and developability assessment to be ready for biological activity evaluation. Using NLP technologies we gather information …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing Synthetic Biology

15 3 10 13
Appero Appero

Reinventing the restaurant experience 🍋 Appero makes life easier for restaurateurs by letting them focus on their core business: pampering their customers! Our smart digital menu in a few words : 👉 Super simple and intuitive access to the catering offer 👉 Less round trips for staff, i.e. productivity gains of 20% to 30% 👉 10% to 20% increase in revenues As digital artisans as passionate as our customers are about their art, Appero is driven by 3 fundamental values: Conviviality - Encourage sharing Singularity - A unique product, just like our customers and employees Passion - Nothing great is …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

2 1 2 2
NEREUS - Sustainable water recyling NEREUS - Sustainable water recyling

Tomorrow's technologies to solve today's problems Experts in dynamic filtration, we support industrial companies, tourist establishments and farmers in the ecological and economic management of their effluents. From design and construction in our workshop to commissioning and operation in France and Europe, we offer our customers individual and personalized turnkey solutions. Extraction d'eau basse énergie, Recyclage des eaux usées, Procédés innovants d'extraction d'eau, Utilisation de membranes de dernière génération, Reuse, and Filtration dynamique

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech manufacturing Water management Technologies: Decarbonization

34 5 33 30
Add Value - Assurances digitales Add Value - Assurances digitales

[Automatic translation follows] Reconciling professional insurance with customer service A broker specializing in professional property and casualty insurance, Add Value simplifies access to offers from the best insurers and optimizes the entire subscription process with its teams. Our model: technical support as a fundamental value, digital as a lever to gain efficiency. We operate through 3 distribution channels: 1️⃣ the brokerage place: investment and management solutions for insurance brokers via our digital platform and our team, 2️⃣ B2B affinity: tailor-made insurance programs for groups, unions and professional federations, 3️⃣ partnerships: personalized white label solutions for bancassurance and mutual insurance companies. …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

14 0 7 44
Beyond Aero Beyond Aero

Make the transition happen, fast. Hydrogen-electric aircraft

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech transporttech Technologies: Hydrogen

10 7 4 44
BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells

Together, power the future with nature.® BeFC make electricity with papers and enzymes. Our paper biofuel cells use enzymes to convert sugars and oxygen into electricity for the next generation of ultra-low-power electronics. BeFC technology is metal-free, meaning our biofuel cells are completely organic, simplifying disposal and recycling at end-of-life. Combined with our low-cost, low-environmental-impact digital tags, BeFC enable data opportunities without the downsides typically associated with a battery. With BeFC, unlock a portfolio of sensing opportunities with the ability to transmit data wirelessly over protocols such as BLE, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN. Together, power the future with nature. ©

Tags: FrenchTech2030 Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Batteries

39 21 0 59
InterFast InterFast

[Automatic translation follows] Digital intervention reports for everyone InterFast is the software that makes managing your construction business easier by allowing you to: - 💰Edit quotes - 🏗️ Manage your construction sites in one place - 📅 Plan your team's interventions and supervise your operations - 👀 Track your projects from anywhere, anytime - 💼 Bill your customers faster and improve your profitability - 📈 Generate reports in the blink of an eye The results ? Better organization, satisfied customers and 20 hours/month/employee saved for our customers (on average €400 saved per employee) Test InterFast for free and take your …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

1 0 1 11
LAB - Land of African Business LAB - Land of African Business

[Automatic translation follows] Solutions accelerator Talent scouts Lovers of Africa Founded in 2014 by journalist Eric Bazin, LAB is a consulting firm in communication strategy, e-reputation and influence. It also supports young innovative African entrepreneurs in their development, inviting them to implement sustainable and responsible governance. A true Think and Do Tank, the LAB advocates a humanist approach to relations between the actors of change on the African continent. The next world must be built today, together!

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Startup Activities: entrepreneurship Technologies: Decarbonization

17 4 11 4
NatExplore NatExplore

[Automatic translation follows] Innovation in the service of molecular profiling of natural resources Our expertise at your service for rapid and detailed analysis of the molecular profile of raw materials and natural extracts 🌿 We adapt our proposals and our analysis strategies to meet your needs

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

4 1 2 4
The Eye of Photography — L'Œil de la Photographie The Eye of Photography — L'Œil de la Photographie

The Daily Newspaper About Photography Created in 2010, The Eye of Photography is the first online newspaper about photography in its widest range. Daily published in English and French, with seven different articles per day and a dozen of pictures per article, it gives readers an overview of photography all over the word. Read by an international audience, The Eye of Photography is a respected source of knowledge for the art world. Whether it be the most urgent news or the left-out events, every living forms of photography are in our pages. The newspaper has built a growing and living, …

Type: Media Startup Activities: entertainment

3 0 2 16

MORE THAN JUST A DATAROOM DEALCOCKPIT is a global transaction platform and deal navigation tool with state-of-the-art features dedicated to: ✔ DEAL SOURCING, thanks to our screening & matching algorithm ✔ BEST-IN-CLASS SECURITY that allow protected online bids ✔ Streamlined and Safe Due Diligence in our next generation Virtual Data Room allowing you to run your M&A, IPO, Private Equity and Funding projects end-to-end in as many Data Rooms as you need. DEALCOCKPIT is by your side during the entire process. #MakingDealsHappen virtual data room, transaction platform, deal sourcing, deal origination, cybersecurity, deal platform, data room, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions, …

Type: Startup Activities: legaltech traveltech Technologies: Cybersecurity

34 1 33 3
Chalkboard Education Chalkboard Education

The Learning Management System for all your trainees Train your field staff digitally with ease, from any device, even without the Internet. With Chalkboard Education, you can also seamlessly track the impact of your training around the world. Higher Education and E-Learning

Type: Startup Activities: edtech

4 1 1 7
NeedHelp NeedHelp

NeedHelp is the leading European B2B2C & B2B home improvement services marketplace for retailers and pure players Needhelp est une plateforme de mise en relation entre particuliers et artisans. Publiez une demande pour trouver un prestataire de confiance pour tous vos projets à domicile ; bricolage, travaux, déménagement et jardinage. ______ NeedHelp is a marketplace where people and companies can post jobs and find someone they can trust to have their to-do's done: handywork, delivery, moving & packing, gardening. Visit us and register at Homecare, Peer-to-peer services, futureofwork, freelance, workers, DIY, and services

Type: Startup Activities: consumer services

5 1 4 68